Experience Excellence are consumer experience strategists and designers.

In today's highly competitive, rapidly evolving, internet driven environment, effectively designing and managing the total consumer experience provides one of the few ways of achieving genuine differentiation and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Get the experience wrong and customers are left disenchanted, dissatisfied, and looking for another provider. Miss an opportunity to engage them, and they can be gone. But get it right and they can be wowed, enthusiastic and loyal aficionados who sing your praises to all who'll listen.

Experience Excellence helps organisations stand out from their competitors and perform better by improving the experience they create for their consumers.

And it's not just consumers who count. How you are experienced by your actual and prospective staff, suppliers, shareholders, funders, partners, peers and target public audiences can be equally important.

Whatever your organisation or brand, we find out what really delights - and frustrates - your various stakeholders, and assist you to achieve distinctive, compelling interactions with them so that you make a positive, affective impact and in the process build genuine differentiation, loyalty and enthusiastic advocates.

We help you design and manage your audiences' journeys, identifying those critical moments when they are most likely to make key decisions. And we work with you to ensure that the rest of your organisation is aligned to deliver such experiences consistently.

In short, building on a background as creatives as well as management consultants Experience Excellence addresses all aspects of the physical, person to person and online experience.





do you know what really delights - and frustrates - your consumers?