Experience matters. Getting the consumer experience right leads to improved organisational performance through the potential to:

Enhance differentiation
In this age of instant communications. the best ideas are soon copied. It is increasingly difficult to achieve any sustainable competitive advantage. The consumer experience provides an opportunity to genuinely differentiate from the competition by enabling brands to engage and make an affective 'connection' with actual and prospective consumers.

Remove irritants, improve consumer loyalty + generate word of mouth advocacy
Looking after the customer experience reduces irritants and other factors leading to consumer dissatisfaction. But customer satisfaction is not in itself enough to ensure client loyalty. Even satisfied consumers move on. Deep loyalty requires a bond. Effectively designing and managing the consumer experience can help you seduce audiences, retain their interest, emotionally involve them, and have them enthuse about you to others. And there are few better ways to generate interest than having others act as passionate advocates on your behalf - vital in markets where word of mouth is ever more important as a factor affecting purchasing decisions.

Develop a genuinely consumer centric organisation
In dynamic markets, organisations need to be able to adapt, often very quickly. In most instances, consumer centricity is at the heart of this. A genuinely consumer experience orientated organisation by nature will be consumer centric, be prepared to take initiatives, and be attuned and responsive to changing consumer needs and opportunities. The challenge for many organisations, especially those which traditionally have been product and technology led - and organised accordingly - is how to accomplish the required cultural and organisational changes.





customer satisfaction
is not enough