For a major UK airline we reviewed how the experience of its staff was affected by their physical workspace and environment.

Taking into account the strategic shifts that were occurring within the organisation, we looked at various teams and analysed how several buildings could be best adapted. Our studies involved detailed interviews with staff and affected parties, spatial analyses, the development of design concepts, and strategic cost benefit studies. They brought a new dimension to organisation's property strategies which now embraced organisational performance issues as well as financial.

Commissioned by the property and estates department, and undertaken with the support of directors in the major business functions, our findings and recommendations were presented to the main Board.

For a leading Far Eastern airline, we worked with an interior design consultancy to develop a successful proposal to re-brand its first class service. The effect was to ensure that the physical manifestations of the brand - as reflected in the design of its livery, first class cabin, airport lounges and supporting communications - were consistent with its reputation for unmatched service.