Innovation in how an organisation or brand is experienced is a potential source of differentiation and significant added value in most sectors.

Consider the innovations in experience offered by Virgin Atlantic for its business travellers - including its limo service and airport spas. Or how Apple has consistently delivered innovative and compelling experiences in terms of the design of its products, its user interface, its music / media services and its retail stores. Or how Burberry's Art of the Trench helped transform the brand and used the benefits of social networking and the web in general to involve its audiences across the globe …

In all these cases innovation in the consumer experience has been at the very heart of the business strategy for effective differentiation.

Continuing transformation
And it is not just applicable to major brands. The last decade has seen examples of the user experience revolutionised and often cost structures and business models transformed in most sectors. With the expected growth over the next few years in the use of mobile and tablet media this trend is likely to continue. It is also likely to result in further blurring between the physical and online experience of an organisation for almost all its stakeholders - from customers and visitors to students, staff, suppliers, shareholders, friends and fans.

As creative management consultants Experience Excellence will work with you to review how you can add real value by innovating how you are experienced by your various stakeholders.



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