The brand sets the promise. Managing the total consumer experience is about the physical delivery of that promise. And how a brand is experienced, and the personality of the brand, affects customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty.*

Brand personality
The personality of the brand is important, because, as consumers, we tend to select brands with a personality that enables us to express ourselves (for example, by associating with a 'tribe' that we identify with or aspire to). So we may choose Apple because it's 'cool' and makes us feel part of the 'smarter' set, John Lewis because it's reliable, honest, and trustworthy, or Nike because it makes us feel like an athlete.

Brand experience
The nature of the experience is important because it can stimulate the senses, make us feel good and engage the mind and body. And if that happens, as 'stimulation seeking organisms', consumers tend to come back for more. (Which is why, Brakus, Schmitt and Zarantnello suggest, the brand experience is such a strong predictor of actual buying behaviour)

Delivering the promise of the brand
At Experience Excellence we make sure we understand the essence of your brand's personality and values. We then work with you to ensure that how you are experienced by your various stakeholders consistently delivers the promise of your brand.


(*Brakus, Schmitt and Zarantnello's research shows that both brand personality and brand experience directly and indirectly affect satisfaction and loyalty, but that brand personality has a higher direct effect on satisfaction whilst the brand experience has a higher direct effect on loyalty. Diagram adapted from Brakus,Schmitt and Zarantnello )


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