Architectural practice

For a major architectural practice we evaluated the client experience as part of a broader strategic review.

Our research involved interviewing clients, staff, and other consultants; auditing the various visual aspects associated with the experience; and mapping out the consumer journey - from first impressions, through the process of appointment, to project development and, eventually, project 'completion'.

The initial findings were sobering. The experience of clients reflected staidness and a perceived lack of differentiation. But this negative feedback in itself galvanised a change process. Driven by its harshness, the partners went on to make improvements covering all aspects of the firm - from leadership, to organisational structure, design approach, branding and identity, to internal workspace design. As a result the experience of all stakeholders - from clients, to staff, to co-consultants, to partners - was to change dramatically.

Within 18 months our client was ranked the leading player in the sector by a trade journal. And within 5 years it was to see major increases in turnover, productivity, number of design awards won, and - reflected in a subsequent client survey - a fundamental change in client perceptions and enthusiasm.