Management consultancy

In developing the marketing strategy for a boutique strategy consultancy we undertook an in-depth review of its clients' experience.

Our research involved extensive semi-structured, person to person and telephone based interviews with directors of top 100 client companies. We also interviewed all staff, observed marketing events, analysed marketing materials, and attended staff-client meetings, observing processes and interactions.

Although our findings reported that quality of the experience perceived by the consultancy's clients was very high, we were able to make a number of specific suggestions for further improving the client - consultant interface. And we were able to further hone the total experience by running workshops with the consultants. These, for example, identified the scope to add more 'wow' / positive surprise, build even closer working relations, improve presentations, find more time for 'celebrations', and consider additional value adding activities. Analysis of the typical client's 'journey' also highlighted opportunities for how and where other 'marketing' activities could best be interwoven.

In short, the effect was to integrate the consumer experience more closely with other marketing activities, and to pinpoint how the experience could be used to further differentiate the consultancy from its competitors and build even greater enthusiasm, loyalty and close personal working relationships with its clients.